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~ Tuesday, January 3 ~

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I got asked by a couple of people what I put inside my Moleskine, and some asked for inspiration. To be honest, I don’t really know what to say apart from to show you a few pages from mine. 

I’ve been keeping a diary in some form or another since I was nine years old, but recently (last four or five years) I realised that I didn’t really write in it much anymore. This wasn’t too big a deal, but I do like keeping my thoughts jotted down. But I couldn’t seem to just sit and write in a diary like I used to. At some point, I bought this pocket-sized notebook. That’s when I realised two things: when I stopped being afraid to deface the journal with anything other than writing, and when I started carrying it around with me, I suddenly begin filling notebooks again.

Mine’s not all that exciting, as you can see. I just do random sketches and doodles when I have time, frequently in the middle of walks in cities or in lecture halls. I write down my thoughts, sometimes in diary form. I frequently just make a note of eventful things. I scribble packing lists in it, and grocery lists. I stick in ticket stubs from cinemas, concerts, trains, planes, museums. I put small notes of currency from countries I visit. I put in words in translation to help me along in foreign countries. I put in recipes people recommend, or ones I’ve been looking for. I write song lyrics. I don’t worry about how it will turn out, because it’s just a smidgen of my life on a page. 

I’m glad I stopped obsessing. It may be unremarkable, but I like it.

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    Glad I’m not the only one who has a multi-purpose Moleskine. Mine is not as orderly as this one, though.
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  7. vorfrevde said: I really admire how you can make magic out of your Moleskine throughout 2011 and make it so alive. Are there anything special that you keep in mind while writing/crafting your Moleskine? :D
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